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The Winners Have Been Chosen!

The judging is finally done, the winners have been chosen, and all that remains is to devulge who won what…and then announce our next writing contest.

The contest called for the best character description you’ve ever written. It could be from fiction or nonfiction, with the only stipulation being the up-to-150-word restriction.

The entries made for some difficult decisions. In a few cases, some very nice writing was disqualified because it either significantly exceeded the word limit or couldn’t be considered a character description.

The winner of the $250 Grand Prize came from Dorothy S. Hassan from Virginia, whose entry follows:

Uncle Ali is a lowly clerk who wishes always to remain so. Even thinking about promotion – hard work and decision making – whips him into sweaty agitation. He is a simple soul, depended upon by no one. He likes it that way.

He is plump and rolls slightly as he navigates seedy Cairo streets on little outturned feet crammed into scuffed shoes; his arms, curved like a penguin’s, provide further balance. He smiles amiable at everyone, his nodding brown moon face and wispy graying hair inspiring affection in the neighborhood acquaintances he greets on his daily commune.

He has four outfits for work: two English winter suits, shiny with age, and two Egyptian open-necked summer suits, somewhat frayed at the collar. At home he wears a white cotton galabich. He is a good eater, but a sloppy one, so always ties a large napkin at his neck to catch the spills.

Dorothy just finished a master’s degree program in creative writing and tells us that she’s looking for an agent.

First Prize ($100) goes to Crystal Meserole, a poet and artist who was raised in Colorado and now lives in Western North Carolina. We found her entry, which follows, to be very evocative and emotional.

He stood there,
Watching his
village burn.
His coarse black
hair settled down his back
In uneven wisps,
And blew like the
tall grass
On the hillside he
stood amongst – slightly, in the wind.
The heat from the
Slid in waves over
his thick cracked skin,
From many hot
summers and harsh winters –

But he barely
He was old…
But it wasn’t
his bony hands resting lightly on his staff
That gave him
It was those deep,
penetrating eyes,
Worn and wise
From lifetimes of
He turned from his
village where he had first made love to his
Woman –
And into nowhere,
Never to return to
his native land.
He stood there in
my dream…
And I felt him
I looked into the
His eyes
reflecting back at me,

Leaving an imprint
on my soul
For eternity.

Second prize ($50) goes to Christina Betar from New South Wales, Australia for her amusing entry that begins, “Creamy pearls as large as pigeon eggs cascaded into a full and fleshy cleavage.”

Third prizes ($25 each) went to:

  • Judy Hurd from Oregon
  • Catlyn Ladd from Colorado
  • Connie Fleenor from Texas
  • Myrna Beth Lambert from Illinois
  • Susan Nadathur from Puerto Rico
  • Casandra Key from Texas
  • Gerry Di Gesu from Massachusetts
  • Maggie Dugan from Paris, France
  • Andrew Ruff from Colorado
  • Charles Estes from Arkansas

Honorable Mentions were awarded to the following:

  • Judy Hurd (her second entry) from Oregon
  • Lynn Veeach Sadler from North Carolina
  • Usha Akella from Texas
  • Lisa Wippert from Texas
  • Dena Miller from California
  • Nellie Carreau from New York State
  • Sandra Kucinich-Horn from Ohio
  • Jodi Bonney Day from Arizona
  • Myrna Beth Lambert (her second entry) from Illinois
  • M.C. Wyatt from Indiana
  • Christopher T. Werkman from Ohio
  • Alice R. Marks from Colorado
  • Vicki Nelson from Oregon
  • Maggie Dugan (for her second and third entries) from Paris, France
  • Daria Stone from Florida
  • Patricia Schultheis from Maryland
  • C.J. Clark from Arkansas

Congratulations to all our winners! Your prize checks should arrive shortly. Be sure to check out our next contest.

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